Current Projects

Our research interest is on a machine intelligence which interacts with the dynamic environment. We are challenging this theme by taking constructivist approaches with robot systems and neural network model (deep learning). The approach includes imitation learning, linguistic-behavioral integration, human-robot cooperation, and multi-modal active sensing.

The movie of “Waseda Researcher” (2020)
New Scientist April 7th, 2022
Robot learns to open doors by splitting the task into three easy steps
The future of robotics at Waseda University, April 2022
The movie introducing the research activities at Waseda University is uploaded. I appear from 2:24 to 3:00. (2020)
Robotics Studies of Deep Predictive Learning (Ogata Lab.)

Movies of robots demonstrated at formal exhibitions so far

Translation from short sentence with logic words to robot motion (2016)
Exhibited at NIPS2016, IEEE Seminar
Folding towels at Artificial Intelligence Research Center, AIST (2016)
Exhibited at Cebit2017, CEATEC2017, iREX2017
Multi-modal AI robot with Exawizards, Denso-wave, and Beckhoff Automations (2017)
Exhibited at iREX2017, NVIDIA GTC Japan 2017, Science Robotics Meeting 2018
Whole body motion of door approaching, opening and passing with Hitachi, Ltd. (2018, 2022)
Exhibited at NVIDIA GTC Japan 2018
Powder Weighing by Exawizards and Denso co. (2018)
Exhibited at NVIDIA GTC Japan 2018, World Robot Exhibition 2018, ROBODEX2019
Palletizing by Exawizards and Denso co. (2018)
Exhibited at NVIDIA GTC Japan 2018, World Robot Exhibition 2018, ROBODEX2019
Liquid weighing with “multimodal AI” by Taisei and Exawizards (2019)
Trained with a few liquid with different viscosity, it can weigh various kinds of unknown materials such as pancake mix, deodorant beads, grains of rice etc.
Exhibited at Multiple exhibitions
Combination of multiple motion primitives in Deep Learning with AIRC, AIST (2019)
Presentation by Mr. Kei Kase (in Japanese)
Exhibited at CEATEC2019, iRex2019

Cutieroid project that develops life-size “moving figures”(2020)
Autonomous Humanoid Figure (AHF) through the fusion of artificial intelligence (AI), robotics technology, and animation culture
Exhibited at Wonder Festival 2020 [Winter]